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Security Cameras category blurb Expect the following in 2015:

  While a Syrian revolt has raged since March 2011, President Al Assad will eventually be toppled via United States coalition forces.

  Though repeatedly argued, the U.S. will never send U.S. ground troops into Syria to participate in the ground war prior to Al Assad's removal.  In fact, while coalition forces will utilize ground troops within Syria, the U.S. military will only lend itself to engaging in Air strikes and training -- no boots!

  Al Assad will be toppled prior to Oct. 2015. 

  A major earthquake will strike within the United States no later than Sept. 2015. The devastation will be unlike anything we've ever experienced.

  Shortly after Assad is removed, the President gains in strength and popularity.

  Russia attacks the United States and two other allied nations via nuclear warfare.

  The nuclear attack occurs before Nov. 2015. According to prophecy, very likely Sept. - Oct. 2015.


Now imagine entire cities destroyed. Radiation fallout. Anarchy. Marshall Law. Little food and or drinkable water. Unimaginable, yet there's many more horrific events to come! 

Folks, all of the above are biblical prophecies located within the bible -- predicted and outlined in Cochran's book, The Graph.

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