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Security Cameras category blurb Daniel's 70th week has officially begun and the following biblical events will occur in 2015:

  Israel shall be attacked, suffering extreme loss and devastation.

  Israel's attack will occur between April - July. 2015. This devastation shall continue until the Lord comes (Armageddon).

  An Earthquake will devastate the United States. Its horrific devastation will be unlike anything we've ever witnessed.

  The Earthquake afore will devastate the United States between April - Sept. 2015.

  While a Syrian revolt has raged since March 2011, President Al Assad will finally be toppled.

  The U.S. will never send U.S. ground troops into Syria to participate in the ground war prior to Al Assad's removal.  The U.S. military will only (at most) lend itself to engaging in Air strikes and or training coalition forces -- no boots on the ground!

  Al Assad will be toppled prior to Oct. 2015. 

  Shortly after Assad's toppling, Obama will gain in strength and or popularity.

  Russia, the Bear will attack the United States via nuclear warfare.

  The nuclear attack will occur before Dec. 2015. According to prophecy, most likely between Sept. - Oct. 2015.

  Obama's Presidential seat is toppled -- he is removed from office and or most likely killed via Russia's nuclear attack.


Imagine the United States dividing into four parts. The USA (as we've known it) ceases to exist within one year. Entire cities destroyed. Radiation fallout. Anarchy. Marshall Law. Little food and or drinkable water (this does not recover). Unimaginable, yet there's many more catastrophic events to follow! 

Folks, you'll hear little if any of this information anywhere else! Yet all of the above are biblical prophecies located within the bible -- predicted and outlined in Cochran's book, The Graph. Once you understand the Graph, you'll see that these events we're not only foretold, but their timings predictable.

Are you ready??

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